BMW M Series Specials Lynchburg


M Series: Pure Power with Plenty of Luxury

Every BMW is luxurious with attention to detail and the latest features and technologies. BMW models as a whole are as a whole strong performers, but the M Series takes this to the next level, giving Lynchburg drivers access to the type of power that you would typically only see on the race track. There are nine M models to choose from, including Sport Activity Vehicles, coupes, and convertibles, all of which offer the sporty and performance-oriented components that help deliver thrills.

Every M Series model uses BMW advanced engineering, such as lightweight materials like carbon fiber, to reduce their weight and increase agility. Under the hood of these models, you will find TwinTurbo technology that decreases the quantity of cylinders to further lighten the body of the vehicles while delivering amazing horsepower. The M Series aims to be a race car that can be driven every day thanks to responsible handling and track-level performance. For those who want to keep track of what their M Series can do, there is an M Laptimer app featuring GoPro integration to analyze your driving style and work with you as a tool for improving lap times. Car enthusiasts are raving over the M series, come see why at BMW of Lynchburg today!

How the 2017 BMW M Series Is Updated

The 2017 BMW M Series features multiple models, each of which has their own updates for the model year. That being said, in the future, all BMW M models will have the M Driver's Package that gives you an increased electronically-controlled top speed and training at the famous BMW M Performance Center. The M2, for example, now offers wireless charging for your smartphone along with Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities, both of which are now part of the Executive Package.

Both the M3 and M4 received an adaptive M suspension as a standard feature for the 2017 model year, as well as upgraded navigation systems. These models also received the latest version of iDrive, and the formerly optional Executive Package which includes wireless charging, hot spot capabilities, and enhanced Bluetooth, is now standard. These particular models now offer Extended Merino Leather and a leather dashboard. Those interested in the 2017 M6 Gran Coupe will notice that Apple CarPlay is now available. The X5 M is mostly the same, while the X6 M has more aggressive styling cues, a performance-oriented interior, and unique suspension.

How the Current M Series Came to Be

The BMW M Series has a long history of track readiness with this group of vehicles having started in 1972 on the track. M Series started as a division designed specifically for the brand's racing teams, but BMW enthusiasts got involved and it grew. Although the first model to get the Motorsport brand was the 1978 M1, the Motorsports stripes first appeared in 1974 on the 2002 Turbo. The first Motorsport modified road car was the 1980 M535i, with the M3 following in late 1986. The M3 was a hot road car that was created to authenticate racing parts for the competitive counterparts of this BMW.

The 1988 Europa Meister Celebration M3 gave a good indication of where the BMW M Series would end up with its air conditioning, central locking, leather seats, and other high-end features that weren't necessarily racing related. After that, the M3 got softer and sales increased. BMW created the Evolution, GT, GTR, and CSL versions for those who were still interested in the race-oriented M models. Some key models throughout the years included the 1986 E30, 1992 E369, 1999 E46, and 2007 E92, each of which served as the beginning of a generation of the M3's predecessor. The E30 M3 was considered the most crucial model in the history of the BMW M Series, as it set the tone for the future.

Test Drive the BMW M Series at BMW of Lynchburg

No matter which BMW M Series model you are interested in, you can find it at BMW of Lynchburg. We have a wide selection of pre-owned and new models so you can find one that meets your budget and feature requirements. Thanks to our service center, you never have to worry about where to bring your M Series for regular maintenance in the future; we use genuine parts and have the experience necessary to keep your BMW in top shape. Contact our Lynchburg dealership to learn more or come take your favorite M Series on a test drive.